Project Details

  • Brand Discovery
  • Name Concepting
  • Name Creation
  • Tag Line Creation
  • Corporate Logo Design
  • Domain Name Acquisition

Branding a coffee and tea shop located in Texas.

The Challenge: Create an exciting new brand for a handcrafted, fresh roasted coffee & tea franchise.

This assignment provides an excellent example of combining different naming methods to create something truly original. The client wanted a name that would not only stand out, but also convey a sense of authenticity and genuineness. The coffees and teas were to be organic, artisan teas custom made by specially trained baristas right on site. Capturing the spirit of this new venture was paramount.
The final name? Joe Rico's Coffee & Tea

Here's why this name works...

  • It uses a double entendre (Joe = coffee as well as the name of a person)
  • It uses a foreign word with meaning (Rico = "rich" in Spanish)
  • Combining the two meanings gives you "rich coffee". A thus a story begins to brew...
  • It rhymes (Joe Rico)
  • It's not just a name, it's also a personality, upon which the company can build a character. (Much like Marco Polo or Indiana Jones).

It's almost like playing Scrabble, when you make a move that spells several words- the points just keep adding up. By giving customers an actual name, a rhyming name, a name that means something to Spanish speakers, and a name that has a double meaning, it anchors that name in various parts of the brain. In other words, the name becomes "sticky" and memorable. Rather than a generic Coffee World, you have the adventurous taste experience known as Joe Rico's.

This name then became the building block of the company. From it sprang the menu design, old world wallpaper, exotic decor from around the globe and even specialty drink names like "Rico Blanco", their white chocolate latte. In future marketing, "Joe" will be announcing new drinks he "discovered" on his latest journeys and adventures. Joe will also likely show up in newsletters and emails. It's a name that will become a brand and ultimately a corporate culture. Cool beans.

So if you're looking for a piping hot name, grab an espresso from Joe Rico's, and fill out our Getting Started form!