Project Details

  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Strategy
  • Tag Line Creation
  • Brand Story Creation
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Style Guide 

Challenge: Craft a compelling new brand story, message, and identity for a legacy wealth management firm

Solution: Work with the client’s self-selected new name to portray a more current, relevant image


Most of our clients come to us after exhausting all creative avenues and simply ask us to find/create a new company brand name. In this case, the client had searched the www over and discovered a name he liked… Finivi.


Finivi you say? Hmmmm…..


We actually liked the name. It had an “ish-ness” to it, that is to say it sounded “financial-ish” and “infinite-ish” and “victory-ish.” Our client knew he was onto something but needed help extrapolating the story, pulling out the meaning, and creating a cohesive message.  


We rolled up our creative sleeves and went to work devising several “positionings” or scenarios that the name could communicate. One focused on the notion of infinite possibilities. Another spoke to financial victory or success. Two more options told the story of financial visibility (seeing the road ahead) and the other, achieving your financial destination (“finis” means end in Latin.) In all, we presented five brand messaging platforms. The result?



“Unlimit Your Life”


The phrasing played to the “infinite possibilities” theme. And it evoked the message in a current, unconventional manner. The combination of the new name, tagline and logo design connotes a sense of hope, confidence and optimism. Whereas his old name, AspenCross, sounded more dated, geographic and staid, the new name and overall look created a forward-looking image that will stand the test of time.


If you are in the Fintech or financial services industry, consider unlimiting your possibilities with a brand new image from the makeover artists at Tungsten Branding.