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  • Brand Discovery
  • Brand Positioning
  • Tag Line Creation

Reposition to Outpace the Competition

Just like people, brand identities grow, develop, change and mature over time. What worked wonders at one point in time, might not work now. You may not need to rename your company, but you could benefit by repositioning it so that it remains relevant and aligned with what your currents customers both want and need.

A good example is a client of ours, Dale Jarrett Racing Adventure. They certainly did not need a name change, being associated with one of the biggest names in Nascar. But they positioned themselves as a racing school with the tag line “A once in a lifetime adventure!” As a racing school they felt competitive pressure from other racing schools, all vying to tie up track time. And the tag line, while underscoring the thrill of driving a race car, created few repeat customers.

After a two day series of meetings with top management, and drilling down deeper to discover the company’s true “pivot point,” the real value proposition emerged. Dale Jarrett Racing Adventure was not a race car driving company, but an adventure company -- a life simulation company that allowed clients to see, feel, taste and touch what it was like to be someone else for a day. It wasn’t about the car, but about the adrenaline and excitement and the opportunity to be someone else for a day. With that new pivot point in mind, we were able to help reposition Dale Jarrett Racing Adventure with the tag line “Full Throttle Living!”™ This speaks to the true nature of the company, their employees, and their passion.

With this new repositioning in place, they quickly saw new opportunities they would never have envisioned as a race car training school. They have since moved forward to creating a World War II fighter/bomber experience and a Firefighter experience. With the theme of “Full Throttle Living,” they can now create and re-create all sorts of heart pounding, hand sweating, adrenaline producing experiences for their members.

If you are satisfied with your company brand name, but not with your brand message, it might be that you need to redefine, realign and repositon your brand to better match up with your current, and potentially new, customer base. To get started, just dial our number or flip our switch!