Project Details

  • Brand Positioning
  • Name Concepting
  • Company Name Creation
  • Domain Name Acquisition

Round up a great name for an innovative tech company

We created a corporate brand name that encapsulates all the sub brands. Some of our clients are branding addicts, having tasted the light of day, they want all their brands to shine brightly. Such was the case with our Malaysian client TrickleStar. Specializing in the high tech, energy conservation business, they constantly invented, developed or acquired brands that fit their growing portfolio of companies. What they truly needed was a halo brand, a corporate holding company that housed and showcased all the emerging companies in the portfolio. The answer was CircleBright, a radiant hub of technology capable of delivering a pipeline of new tech solutions to energy problems. This is a classic “positive connotation” or “evergreen” name, combining two words pre-imbued with meaning, into one cohesive and intuitive brand name.

If you are looking for a corporate holding company name that runs circles around the competition, then do what’s bright and call Tungsten Branding.