Project Details

  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Discovery
  • Brand Facilitation
  • Name Concepting
  • Company Name Creation
  • Tag Line Creation
  • Domain Name Acquisition

Create a brand name for a medical coverage and reimbursement alert technology platform

Most medical names are literal, descriptive and grounded in what they do, or the products they offer. This results in dry, functional names that are often indistinguishable from other firms. E.g. Medical Associates, Family Health, etc. When this client came to us with a medical information IT platform, we realized the opportunity to create a more colorful name, one that could take flight. The technology issued warnings when medical product reimbursement rules changed, rulings that could substantially affect payment and cash flow. To capture this sense of urgent and timely warnings, we borrowed the metaphor of the “canary in the mine,” warning of potential danger for miners. The name Canary Insights not only provided a compelling name and brand story, but also a vivid and memorable color association. The results? No angry birds here. Both revenue and clients soared.