bluecurrent brand

Project Details

  • Brand Discovery
  • Name Concepting
  • Name Creation
  • Tag Line Creation
  • Corporate Logo Design
  • Domain Name Acquisition

Branding a real estate company based in New England.

The Challenge: Create a new real estate brand that communicates a fresh approach to the business.

These great clients came to me with a typical business problem. They had worked for years in an industry that was stuck doing the same things the same way; and they wanted to do things differently. They also wanted their name to convey this difference, to demonstrate a sense of vitality, energy, freshness -- in short, all the qualities they felt were lacking in many of the real estate companies in their market. Their goal was to empower the buyer with all the information he or she needed, providing full disclosure online and full service offline -- all at a discounted fee.

Here's where things get interesting. Based on this information we could have established a value oriented name based on the fact that they were going to be offering these services at a discount. (i.e. "System Three" for charging only a 3% sales commission). But that would have ignored all the energy, vibrancy and enthusiasm they planned to bring to their clients. It would not have communicated the information rich resources they wanted to provide and their full service commitment. So the value proposition, while part of their strategy, would not have captured their full uniqueness.

Naming is a collaborative process. I could try to pretend we have all the ideas, but frequently they come from the greatest resource of all, the client. I took this name as far as blue Window, to demonstrate the transparency of information and the potential icon of a window as part of a home. After further discussion, the client wanted a bit more energy in the name, something not quite as static as a window, and suggested blue Current.. Here's where the ego gets parked and the good of the client steps forward. blue Current was a really cool name. It has associations with water (for waterfront homes), with energy (current as in electricity) and also "current" in the sense of being timely, fashionable and "with it". Since "current" has so many meanings, it would imply something different to different buyers and sellers. They could read their own meaning into it... like the lyrics of a good song. (Double meanings are known as "double-entrendres" or in this case a "triple-entendre").

What was left now was the tag line. This is also known as a "positioning statement" since it puts an added spin or direction on the name. The name blue Current would already be on a real estate sign, so we would know the industry. The name then would communicate a uniqueness and fresh approach to the business. The tag line would further differentiate or "position" the company in relationship to the competition. "Real Estate. Real Easy" captured just what the type of service they wanted to deliver -- one where they handled the complexities of a real estate transaction and simplified the deliverables in a streamlined, seamless manner that kept their clients comfortable, informed and at ease.

blue Current "Real Estate. Real Easy." It's a name with positive energy. If you need the same kind of "charge" then plug into the brilliance of Tungsten.