Project Details

  • Brand Discovery
  • Name Concepting
  • Company Name Creation
  • Corporate Logo Design
  • Brand Style Guide Creation
  • Domain Name Acquisition

Challenge: Transform a lengthy, legacy credit union name into a brand name that adds up

Solution: Find a name that totals the benefits of Central Florida Educators Federal Credit Union


When CFE Federal Credit Union came to us, they had a number of branding issues. First, they were expanding beyond the geographical bounds of Central Florida. Second, they were expanding their client base beyond educators. Third, they were changing their charter to a state one vs. federal. Fourth… the name was just too long. They needed a new image that would retain some of their heritage of serving educators without being so literal, descriptive and confining. They need a short name that would sum it all up.


Introducing: Addition Financial.

Visit their website:


The name Addition provided a subtle reference to one of the most basic teaching subjects. It also relates to the world of finance. As an added plus, Addition provided a marketing lexicon to support and enhance the brand messaging, words such as add, added, additional, extra, more, sum, total, equate, numbers, etc. It even worked for ad copy headlines such as “Adding a Room Addition?” “A Recent Addition to the Family?” “Need Additional Cash?” The possibilities were infinite.


The Takeaway: Ideally a great brand name should be memorable, and also provide a theme or messaging platform that reinforces the identity. A strong name works well because it works on multiple levels. By subtracting four words from their name, we provided clarity to a brand name that no longer added up. Just like Addition Financial, when it comes to naming and branding, you can “Count on Us.”


“They’re succinct, organized, and responsive. They were on top of their work and consistently provided project updates. Unlike other agencies, they worked quickly and still created high-quality content. They’re extremely professional and do incredibly impressive work.”

Suzanne Dusch

VP of Marketing