Project Details

  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Discovery
  • Brand Facilitation
  • Name Concepting
  • Tag Line Creation
  • Domain Name Acquisition

The Challenge: Naming an entire line of water heaters

The Solution: "Ex" marks the spot





TruDock - True Performance on Demand

Twin Titan - Double Your Confidence

 Visit their website:

We are about to launch our product in the next few weeks.  The A. O. Smith “Voltex” will be the name.  We are also using “Effex” for our high efficiency gas model and “Cirrex” for our solar product line.   Your work has been very instrumental in our new product portfolio, and everything is coming together very nicely.  I’ve attached a print ad for reference.  Thanks again for all of your input!

David Chislom
Vice President of Marketing
AO Smith