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Phil Davis - Branding Expert

Phil Davis Company Naming Expert

Phil Davis

Branding Expert

With focus and clarity we can all find satisfaction and happiness. And we have Phil Davis to thank for showing us the way!!

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Phil Davis - National Branding Expert

Shifting the conversation on branding.

Phil Davis is a nationally recognized author, speaker and branding expert, specializing in brand development, brand alignment and brand clarity. With more than 20 years of company branding and marketing experience, Phil has personally named over 200 regional, national and international businesses, products and services in the last seven years alone. His list of branded clients includes PODS (Portable On Demand Storage), Sea of Diamonds, Team Logic IT and Double Cross Vodka. Phil has worked with firms from $2 million a year in sales to $700 million. While the size of the companies may vary, the branding issues are frequently similar in nature… the need for better clarity, direction and vision. Phil’s naming firm, Tungsten Branding, Inc., is a reflection of this conviction. His goal of creating brilliance and clarity is demonstrated in both his work and his commitment to help his clients achieve brand excellence.

Davis has penned over 50 articles on naming and branding as well as speaking on the subject to numerous business and industry trade groups nationwide. He has written or been quoted in AdAge, The Washington Post, Salon, Bloomberg's Business Week, TV Guide, Entrepreneur, Inc, AOL Small Business, D&B's, as well as a variety of national industry trade publications. He also hosts a national podcast, Brilliant Branding, which airs live on the VoiceAmerica Business channel Thursday 12pm eastern/9am pacific.

When not naming and branding, Davis resides with his wife, four kids and three dogs in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina. To book Phil for your next conference or meeting, simply contact us for availability.

Presentation Topics

The Four "C's" of Brilliant Branding

Are you looking for greater visibility in your industry? Does your company blend into a crowd of competitors? If you want to outshine and outperform the masses, you need a brilliant brand. In this information-packed presentation, you'll discover the four secrets to making your business shine. 
• Clear - The importance of a crystal clear vision
• Concise - How to drill down to your core message 
• Compelling - Selling the proverbial sizzle vs the steak
• Consistent - Owning the space by staying on message

Discover Your Pivot Point - Empower Your Brand

Can you turn in new directions without disrupting your brand identity? Yes! (But only if you know your pivot point!) Just as in sports, if you keep one foot grounded, you can spin around without committing a "foul." Learn from examples such as Apple, Amazon, and 3M how to rotate into new markets while staying totally centered.
• Discover what business (or businesses) you are really in
• Learn the difference between product based and attribute based brands
• Identify your "secret" ingredients that separate you from your competition
• Align your brand messaging with your pivot point to supercharge results