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Branding a City — How to Turn Rodents into Revenue

By Phil Davis | November 17, 2007

When I first moved to the cozy little mountain town of Brevard, NC, I was struck by the incredible beauty of the place, from the Blue Ridge Parkway that weaves…

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MaxAvenue… Reinventing Real Estate

By Phil Davis | October 22, 2007

When Tungsten client Harold Ware came looking for a new name for his business, he knew it needed to work on a number of levels. Having previously retired at age…

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How One Great Brand Name Can “Grow” Another

By Phil Davis | October 12, 2007

It started with one client’s wish to reflect her beautiful, bold web designs in her company name. Angela Nielsen had created NIC Media (for Nielsen Internet Consultants) and the name…

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Four Partners… Four Rivers… Four Bridges

By Phil Davis | October 5, 2007

When the accounting firm Decosimo CPA decided to branch into the merger and acquisition business (something they already had substantial experience with) they decided they needed a new name to…

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Use Your Head… Goes Live

By Phil Davis | October 4, 2007

When the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel went looking for a name for their Monster® co-branded web site, they found a number of hurdles… lack of available domain names, trademark issues, etc.…

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The Common Problems of Common Company Names

By Phil Davis | September 22, 2007

You might think weird business names might lose potential business, but it’s often just the opposite. Unique company names actually serve a pragmatic profit-producing purpose. Even though they may not…

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Add a little “Kaszazz” to your branding!

By Phil Davis | September 19, 2007

When our first Australian client came knocking this past spring they had a big branding problem. Their company name was “Crafty Kids,” a legacy name that began when they sold…

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Where Do Company Names Really Come From?

By Phil Davis | September 12, 2007

  I happened to trip across this naming trivia site today that contains great anecdotal stories about how companies came up with their names. Many of these older legacy names…

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Claricent – The Bright Way to Name a Consulting Company

By Phil Davis | September 11, 2007

Not all invented/coined words are created equal. Some have no linguistic basis and therefore no meaning (i.e. Xerox, Kodak, etc.) Every ounce of brand equity then has to be earned…

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Coghead and Coglets… the beginning of a naming hierarchy

By Phil Davis | September 2, 2007

When Coghead was just a name on a list, who would have foreseen the meteoric rise of the Coghead “dude” and the success of the recently released “Coglets” application? This…

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