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The Company Naming Process – Finding Your Key Ingredients

By Phil Davis | January 7, 2015
company naming process

The key to any successful company naming project hinges on having the right objectives in mind, in the right order.

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Scoring the Best Brand Name

By Phil Davis | December 19, 2014
best brand name

If you are like most entrepreneurs, you’ve come face-to-face with this daunting challenge – finding a brand name that fully captures the essence of your company, product or service.

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Building the Best Company Branding Strategy

By Phil Davis | March 12, 2014

If you were to ask most entrepreneurs, they would admit their success was not linear in fashion. They built their “original” company on a single product, service or idea that then morphed again and again over time.

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The Three Keys to High-Growth Branding

By Phil Davis | May 1, 2012

We’ve all witnessed it – the seemingly overnight success of some start ups that begs the question “what am I doing wrong here?” Is it the idea? The timing? The commitment? Why do some companies transform into breakout brands, while others struggle along? In my 25 plus years of working with entrepreneurs and start ups, I noticed three similarities between the companies that skyrocket vs. the ones that sputter out. Here are three ingredients that will fortify your brand for immediate growth.

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Before Branding Your Company, Determine Your Position

By Phil Davis | March 9, 2012

Knowing what position your company occupies in your industry will help differentiate your from your competitors

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5 Trademark Tips for Branding Your Company

By Phil Davis | February 28, 2012

Trademarking can be tricky — check out these five tips to help protect your brand identity
This article outlines five key principles that business owners should be aware of when it comes to (i) staying out of trouble for trademark infringement, and (ii) obtaining (and maintaining) exclusivity and reputation for their brands.

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5 SEO Strategies When Naming and Branding Your Company

By Phil Davis | July 26, 2011

Lots of factors go into a great company brand, first among them, the business name itself. For many aspiring entrepreneurs and internet start ups, the prime consideration is search engine optimization.…

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Brand Your Company to Improve Your Bottom Line!

By Phil Davis | June 11, 2010

Build Your Identity on Core Values for Enduring Financial Success Many business owners spend much of their time, money and energy promoting their products and services instead of building their…

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