Brand Positioning

Naming A Medical Company

By Phil Davis | August 11, 2017
naming branding medical company

Naming a medical company is no simple task. With the proliferation of innovation technologies, new businesses are constantly emerging on the scene, each with it’s own…

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You have a company name, but do you have a brand story?

By Phil Davis | February 9, 2017
company brand story

In the quest for the “perfect” company name, much of the focus centers on creativity, originality, descriptiveness, cleverness, and even domain availability. In reality, very little…

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Rebranding vs. Repositioning

By Phil Davis | December 20, 2012
rebranding strategy

The right branding strategy makes all the difference. As companies grow, product lines expand and market conditions change, business owners often find themselves with a company brand image that no longer reflects who they are or what they do. Perhaps they started in a niche market, or with a very specific product, and built their entire company identity around it — and the business now serves a different, bigger or more diverse customer base.

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Before Branding Your Company, Determine Your Position

By Phil Davis | March 9, 2012

Knowing what position your company occupies in your industry will help differentiate your from your competitors

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Dig A Deeper Well – How to Tap the Power of Your Brand Image

By Phil Davis | September 13, 2010

Many business owners sincerely believe they understand their company brand. They can describe it, quantify it and explain its place in the market. They can recount corporate history and accomplishments…

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Discover Your "Pivot Point" and Empower Your Brand

By Phil Davis | September 12, 2010

One of the most common mistakes in company branding occurs when business owners tie their corporate identity to cyclical products and services vs. their key strengths and attributes. In other…

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Reposition Your Company to Boost Your Bottom Line

By Phil Davis | August 24, 2010

Create a Brand Message Many business owners spend the majority of their time, money and energy promoting their products and services instead of building their brand message. If your main emphasis is…

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