Month: September 2013

Reading Eagle Business Weekly – What’s in a Name Change?

By Phil Davis | September 17, 2013

(Excerpts) In a few weeks, the Sovereign Bank name created in Berks 26 years ago will disappear from branches as well as the Sovereign Center and the Sovereign Performing Arts Center. They’ll be rebranded under the Santander name, after parent company Santander Holdings USA Inc.

Over time, people should learn the Santander name, said Phillip Davis, president of Tungsten Branding, a North Carolina company. He compared the new name to Mitsubishi or Hyundai. It’s a little unwieldy and difficult to pronounce, but the hurdles are surmountable.

“It sounds to me a little clunkier than the current name, but with time, community involvement and the right gestures, the community will come to accept it,” Davis said. Businesses should look at their industry, think about goals and ask whether fitting in or standing out is important with a new name. Financial companies usually focus on fitting in, Davis said.

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Newsday – Small Business: Choosing a Logo That Fits Your Brand

By Phil Davis | September 8, 2013

(Excerpts) “Simple is the new black,” says Phillip Davis, president of Tungsten Branding, a Brevard, N.C.-based naming and branding firm. Sometimes companies think that if they add more images and graphics to a logo, it will make it more memorable, but that’s not necessarily the case, he says.

When creating a logo, ask yourself, “Is the logo congruent with your brand attributes?” he says. “The idea is to evoke a sense of the qualities of your goods and services.”

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