Month: September 2008

Using “Down Times” to Strengthen Your Company Brand and Your Business

By Phil Davis | September 29, 2008

If you listened to the news, you’d be tempted to shutter your business, buy lots of canned goods, hunker down in your basement and wait for spring ’09 (at a…

Read More Interviews Tungsten on Company Naming Strategies

By Phil Davis | September 24, 2008

The good folks at recently interviewed us on effective naming strategies for start up businesses. In it, we cover the numerous naming and branding pitfalls that companies face when…

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Do You Want a Good Company Name or a Great Company Brand?

By Phil Davis | September 22, 2008

Every day I get asked about naming, as in “what does it cost for a new company name?” I’ve found that the answer depends on what the phrase “company name”…

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Newsday — Small business: forging a strong online brand

By Phil Davis | September 17, 2008

(Excerpts) You can also search for pre-owned names at such sites as and, says Phillip Davis of Tungsten Branding, a Brevard, N.C.-based name development and brand strategy firm. But keep in mind that these pre-owned names can run in the hundreds to thousands of dollars, adds Davis. It’s less costly finding a domain that hasn’t already been taken, he says. You can then claim it through a domain registration site like (for a list of registrars see It generally costs anywhere between $7 and $15 annually to register a domain, depending upon the site. Try different word combinations. Obvious picks may be unavailable, but consider a company name with endings like Group Inc., Solutions, Agency or Systems, says Phillip Davis of Tungsten Branding.

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Tungsten Branding featured in Newsday

By Phil Davis | September 15, 2008

Jamie Herzlich wrote a piece in today’s Newday about “Getting the right domain name for your company’s web site.” In it she outlines various strategies that experts advocate for getting…

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