Month: December 2007

Free Company Naming Help

By Phil Davis | December 26, 2007

Since very few branding firms dispense free naming advice, this blog entry should shoot to the top of Google quite easily for that search term. But this is a genuine…

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A Company Naming Autopsy, CompUSA to Close Stores

By Phil Davis | December 8, 2007

Can a great brand name make a company successful by itself? Of course not, but can a poor name contribute to the slow and gradual death of a once formidable…

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Branding 2.0 – A Conversation with Social Media Expert Paul Gillin

By Phil Davis | December 4, 2007

I just finished listening in on a webinar with Paul Gillin, author of the book “The New Influencers.” I have to give credit to any one who has the mental…

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